Data & Analytics


Volume, Velocity and Variety. Big Data is all about the three V’s, but more importantly, gathering data from all sources, performing data quality and cleansing routines and being able to match data with unique keys to identify activity down to the individual level is critical. The next step is to leverage the insight collected for deep personalization by scoring and serving up offers, promotions and suggestive products.

Data & Analytics

Experiom’s Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) for marketing utilizes best practices and industry leading platforms to provide a complete solution to take advantage of Big Data enabling you to develop meaningful relationships with your customers, better understand what motivates them and make purchase suggestions that causes desired actions.

Analytics & Insights

Experiom’s analytics and insight capabilities enable campaign performance optimization across all channels. By continually analyzing behavioral data, we are able to create models that not only can predict future actions, but also to help prescribe preferred actions. Our continuous learning model enables the ability to continuously unearth new insights which creates new models and provides continual updates to your customer experience strategy.

Analytics & Insights


Experiom is a specialized firm with an exceptional hands on approach to help clients with all aspects of their Marketing Technology needs.

We pride ourselves on our customer-centric philosophy and our reputation for listening and reacting to what our clients, future customers, and business partners have to say.

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