Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy

Today’s consumer can quickly journey across multiple channels but they still expect you to know their activity, regardless of channel, and for your messaging to be consistent across all touch points. A good digital strategy applies data and analytics to every interaction and enables you to consistently optimize your engagement offers and messaging as a customer creates their own customer journey.

Experiom teams with our clients to define customer oriented business strategies and develop a roadmap of tactical executions that align with business goals, budget and internal team capabilities. Our strategies help clients optimize customer experiences and maximize profitability by applying data and analytics to every interaction.

User Experience

Whether it’s who you are, who you want to talk to or what you want to say, we make sure that we understand your requirement. Through this, we create an efficient strategy so that you are connected in the right way and at the right time to your prospective customers. We provide a way for you to look at your customers and prospects at an individual, 360° view, which enables you to deliver a personalized targeted experience.

Creative Engagement Marketing can be complicated but we strive to make it as simple for you as possible. Simplicity is the essence of creativity and creative engagement communication is all about personalized marketing to customers and prospects with what you know and what they want.

Creative Engagement Marketing could just be the fuel that your company needs. The power of creative engagement marketing puts you in the right place at the right time with the right message. Giving your customers a chance to interact with you, works well for both you and your customer. This is the power of creative engagement marketing. All our mediums are fashioned to provide clear, engaging and memorable messages that connect instantly with your audiences.

User Experience

Email Marketing Services

When done right, email marketing can be a key part of your overall marketing strategy. Email is an effective way to stay at the top of customers’ minds when they are ready to make a purchase. It is a simple way to deliver promotions, introduce new products, drive website traffic and so much more.

Our Email Marketing Services include:

  • Development and optimization of email campaigns based on customer data
  • Responsive email design
  • Seamless integration with other marketing campaigns
  • Personalized emails targeted to specific customer segments
  • Measurement of results with analytical tools

Three of the most important trends in email marketing right now are personalization, triggered messaging, and rendering techniques.

We follow Email Best Practices -

  • Segmentation and Advanced Personalization
  • Relevant Content
  • Creative Campaigns
  • Smart Rendering
  • Sophisticated Event Automation
  • Responsive and Mobile UX Design
  • Live Content & Video
  • Images Blocked
  • Browser and Email Client Testing
Email Marketing Services

Social Media Applications

Social Media Applications

Who has the time to step outside and do ground research when a simple online search will provide you with all the data and feedback you need?

Traditional forms of gathering information are dead. In the age where “google” is a verb, All people need is the internet and the advice of their peers online to help browse through information and make decisions. More and more people are willing to take the advice of complete strangers, who claim to be experts, online. Such forums where one can ask others questions and gain perspective on the go, are the reason online communities are created.

That is to say if you want to buy an appliance, you no longer wait for your trusted technology magazine to arrive on your doorstep. Instead you go online a trusted techi-community, where you have all the information as well as customer reviews at your finger tips (literally considering the boom in touch screen phones).

So basically companies not only have to reach their promising customers but also the ‘influencers’ that these customers turn to. As new media is growing in leaps and bounds, companies need to work hard and fast in order to create their own “social media strategy”.

This strategy doesn’t have a run of the mill formula that everyone can follow; it is as individual and unique as each organization’s needs. Therefore companies need to focus on their Client Objectives and the relationship they want to exhibit to the client. They should concentrate on the company specific Goals that they want to realize.

We partner with Offerpop to provide best in class social applications

1. Build brand loyalty and sales
2. Engage mobile consumers
3. Capture customer data

At Experiom, we help corporates pull social media to engage their clients.

Website Testing, Targeting, Personalization & Offers

We partner with the following partners for Testing / Targeting & Personalization

  • RedPoint Interaction (Cross-Channel)
  • Acquia Lift (Drupal/ Acquia Platform)
  • Optimizely (any website platforms)
  • Adobe Test & Target (any website platforms)
  • Sitecore Digital Marketing Suite (Sitecore Platform)
  • Oracle Customer Experience (any website platforms)
Website Testing, Targeting, Personalization & Offers

Process to Test, Target & Evolve

  • Testing – Perform A/B and multivariate testing for websites, email, media and other channels
  • Targeting - Automated Targeting and explicit rule-based personalization of content, product images, offers, and UI based on user or segmentation data from a wide range of detected attributes.
  • Personalization – Provide relevant content & offers by segment, known activity and behaviors and 1:1 personal levels

Web Experience Management

Web Experience Management

Content needs to be direct and personal which means it needs to be dynamically served based what is known about each visitor. Experiom can help you recognize the individual and personalize content and offers relevant to them.

We understand that creating, updating and managing content can be quite a task so we provide Web Experience Management tools to automate managing content and delivery optimization.

We also provide best-in-class techniques to create, score, and test different content and offers to further optimize on an ongoing basis.

Once we provide you with the perfect logo to represent your brand, we focus on the website. Website design has a lot more to it than what it appears to be on the surface. It isn’t only about “decoration” and fancy page layouts. When done well it can be used very effectively to perform other functions like bring the viewer’s attention to a particular detail, to enhance SEO and of course to make sure that the beautification of the website doesn’t hamper its readability.


Experiom is a specialized firm with an exceptional hands on approach to help clients with all aspects of their Marketing Technology needs.

We pride ourselves on our customer-centric philosophy and our reputation for listening and reacting to what our clients, future customers, and business partners have to say.

We would love to hear from you.