Big Data for Marketing Assessment & Roadmap


Experiom teams with our clients to define marketing big data strategies and develop roadmaps of tactical executions that align with business goals, budget and internal team capabilities. Our big data strategies also help our clients track ongoing return on marketing investments (ROMI) to maximize marketing spend and bottom line profitability.

The Big Data Problem

The Big Data Problem

Organizations are scrambling to find solutions in Big Data and advanced analytics but are overwhelmed with decisions about how it can be leveraged, the return on investment, which vendors to use, how much to budget, training, and even hiring new resources. However, every business knows they need to exploit big data or risk getting lapped by their competitors.

What to do about it?

Develop a big data plan. Simple, right? Well, sort of. A successful big data strategy should consider your business goals, current resources, IT capacities and constraints, evaluate technology options, identify your specific big data opportunities and ROI, and create a customized roadmap containing realistic actions and timelines.

The bottom line is you have to turn big data into small and really valuable data and take actions. The roadmap should contain actionable insight and activities that address business problems and provide ROI based on where your business is today and not be an unobtainable castle in the sky.

How Do We Create a Big Data Roadmap?

Our Big Data for Marketing Strategy Engagement is a consulting project consisting of business and technology assessments, on-site workshops to help you understand your company’s current Big Data maturity level, learn how to maximize the business potential from leveraging new Big Data tools and capabilities, and overcome potential barriers that may arise.


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