eCommerce Assessment & Optimization


Our eCommerce Assessment and Optimization is a strategy engagement designed to maximize your current eCommerce platform investment or even create a new multi-dimensional eCommerce strategy to get you to the next level. The engagement consists of detailed current situation assessments, review of tactical and strategic business goals, work sessions designed to identify untapped or under-tapped opportunities, and delivers a roadmap of prioritized activity based on eCommerce best practices, while also considering your budget, immediate and long terms needs, current system capabilities and staffing limitations.

We help you maximize your eCommerce results from market leading capabilities in Search, Navigation, Merchandising, Searchandising, Promotions, Cross-sell/Upsell, and Recommendations, then enable you with the know-how and tools to control, personalize, and optimize every touch point across channels and markets. We help ensure that you are fully optimized and can predict, and even create desired actions of your customers and prospects timely messaging or offers. We also help identify KPIs you might not thought were possible and show how to automate reactive and predictive actions to enhance the overall customer experience.

While every situation is unique, our optimization typically focuses on customized methods that enable marketers to:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Drive higher average order value
  • Increase frequency of visits
  • Prevent churn
  • Increase traffic with targeted prospects
  • Enhance visitor to converted customers ratio
  • Plan and automate A/B & Multivariate testing
  • Maximize mobile eCommerce opportunities
  • Engage with customers and prospects on their terms
  • Create timely contextual triggers
  • Drive higher loyalty through exceptional cross channel experiences
  • Digital fingerprinting and identification of previously unidentifiable customers and prospects
  • Match data across channels for a true picture of activity
  • Optimize marketing spend

Optimization Through Marketing Technology

Optimization Through Marketing Technology

Experiom can also examine your current technology platforms, processes and tools to identify areas for improvement, including optimization of current systems, validate knowledge of system capabilities and corresponding usage of tools, new techniques or 3rd party tools, and recommendation of new technical solutions to better align technology capabilities with actual business goals.

Often times simply automating current technical processes can change timings from weeks to hours, or even real time, which can tremendously enhance your eCommerce efforts.


Experiom is a specialized firm with an exceptional hands on approach to help clients with all aspects of their Marketing Technology needs.

We pride ourselves on our customer-centric philosophy and our reputation for listening and reacting to what our clients, future customers, and business partners have to say.

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