Be aware of these factors when selecting the proper CM suite to communicate and get engaged with your customers

Over twenty years ago I conducted the first in-depth evaluation for the Campaign Management suite (CM) and selected Topdog (otherwise known as DSI MarketWide) as the CM tool of choice that supported one of the largest retailers (L Brands, formally Limited Brands). We used the Gartner report only as a guide and it did NOT drive our evaluation or recommendation. I was told by a colleague that I can get fired for selecting Topdog if the implementation was not successful but that I would not get fired for choosing Exchange App which was the leading CM tool by Gartner.

The implementation of DSI Topdog was a total success and we were able to support the CM work for all our clients for more than 5 years… and it was the least expensive one too. Exchange App went out of business and so did several of Gartner’s top quadrant CM software providers.

The same story occurred again in 2004 when Unica and DoubleClick were the leaders by Gartner. Topdog campaigns for L Brands outperformed Unica between 100% and 500% despite Topdog was a PC based CM tool and Unica was running on 20+ CPU powerful Unix server. I have several more stories to offer also (Alterian vs. SAS CI, Alterian vs. IBM Unica, SFMC vs Adobe, etc.)

When it comes to selecting the best campaign management suite for your business, especially in the digital era, your IT and your marketing teams are the best to do that. Use available resources only as a guidance (e.g., Gartner, Forrester, etc.), create your list of features, rank them, ask for demos from the CRM tool providers before the team can make the right decision regarding which 2-3 tools are the favorite and which ones can proceeded with for more in-depth evaluation or even a POC.

Of course, we at CX Driven (CXDriven) can help your business with this process. We’ve done many evaluations of tools in the past 20 years and have the experience. We have a 100% success rate with implementing several of CM suites (Adobe, SASCI, Alterian, MarketWide, Unica, Epiphany) in the past 22+ years and surely we can help you throughout the evaluation process by identifying the Pros & Cons for each tool, reviewing your requirements and existing/future campaign strategies, and measuring all of that against the different CM suites in the market.


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Founded in 2003, Experiom is a marketing technology integrator with a history of providing development solutions for brands and agencies. The company is known for embracing a crawl-walk-run implementation model that prevents technical over-engineering. Engagements are available for pre-development assessment and road mapping, marketing technology integration, and post-development operational management and content administration. Based in Dallas, Texas, Experiom has resources located in the U.S., Mexico, and India. Experiom applies a remote work model that provides the best qualified resources at a fair price without regard for geographic restrictions.

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